About us

The EBSI Team

The EBSI team comprises of a strong group of educational professionals.

Jamela Khan, Managing Director/CEO

with a record of achievement in leading and managing organisational change in both the public and private sectors.  Jamela has over 12 years’ experience of working across both the academic sector and the businesses sector, aligning the two to achieve results for young people.  She has experience of:

  • Developing and implementing Education business link plans to bring the education and business fraternities together
  • Designing and implementing programmes for and on behalf of companies in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility strategies (CSR) programmes
  • Designing and delivering long term capacity building and sustainable programmes for Education business links for companies such as Heathrow (B.A.A) British Airways, GSK, Nortel Communication, Thames Water and more recently Metro Bank and National Grid.

Jamela has led the organization through various changes, to its current status of EBSI (Education Business Services International Limited), which now works with schools and colleges in and around West London, Putney and Surrey.

Jamela has in the past 8 years, successfully amalgamated two Education Business Partnerships into one, and has highly experienced staff that work with over 15,000 students on work related and work experience programmes on an annual basis.

George Pittaway (Education and Management) – Consultant and Associate Adviser

Over 36 years of experience and expertise in the development of Technical and Vocational Education, with proved expertise, knowledge and experience within the various education sectors, both in the public academic and private sectors, in both the UK and Internationally.

George has a strong record of achievement through a wide spectrum of professional and consultancy/ advisory roles;

  • Middle and Senior Management roles with strategic leadership and planning responsibility for the successful development and implementation of new education curriculum and initiatives;- Quality Assurance; Staff Development; Teacher Training; Professional Development; Change Management; External and Internal Inspections/Reviews; Leadership and Planning; Strategic Planning and Support;
  • Development and project management of several successful collaborative partnerships and engagement between Educational Institutions, Employers particularly with educational institutions, VET Centres, Local Education Authorities and Government Education Agencies;
  • Successful development and implementation of a range of TVET Strategic Business and Operational planning strategies;

George has over 10 years of working as a lead International consultancy and adviser, on TVET projects for several government and private agencies. Working in Eastern Europe, India, Qatar and South East Asia with Education Ministries/ Agencies, Education Institutions, Industry Sectors and Businesses (in each country), to develop and implement;

  • Short and long term strategic plans for vocational training and learning;
  • Development plans linked to Economic and Skills growths;
  • Collaborative project with education institutions, businesses and Education Ministries in the production of Government lead TVET infrastructures;
  • Strategic planning and development of TVET and education reforms/new initiatives for overseas education ministries/agencies;
  • Scoping assignments’ covering Training and Skills (gaps and needs) reviews, analysis, TVET policy and strategy.

Lynette Webb, Operations Manager/CEIAG Advisor

Over 17 years’ experience of working for EBSI in the brokerage of links between education and industry and on the development of different work experience programmes, as well as industry experience in Retail, Hospitality and IT sectors.

  • Works with all levels of Senior Management on the planning and delivery of SEN, Pre, Post and Extended work experience programmes
  • Has worked on European projects such as the Erasmus Get Youth Into It (GYIT), which involved encouraging more young people in Ireland, United Kingdom, Lithuania and Spain to take up IT as a future career choice due to significant labour market shortages in this area in all of these countries. 
  •  Managed a team of staff to deliver the work experience  programmes to over 6,000 students on an annual basis.  
  • Qualified at Level 6 in Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance and delivers this in two schools and has done so for over 5 years.
  •  IOSH qualified, and has responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of all placements before students attend work experience, and ensuring all standards and procedures are followed.

The EBSI Team

All EBSI staff have many years’ experience of delivering quality education programmes, such as Work Related learning, Work Experience, Vocational programmes, Employability skills, etc.

5 members of the team are Level 6 CEIAG Qualified and deliver careers programmes in schools, not only in West London but as far at Putney.

The Work Experience team focuses on providing a pre and post 16 mainstream work experience programme, as well as an extended programme provision.

EBSI staff actively recruit employers to assist in the delivery of all work, and has thousands of companies on its database. Employers are recruited to volunteer in programmes such as Enterprise, Careers events, Employability workshops, Mock interview days, Futures days and of course Work experience programmes.

Awards and Achievements:

  • 2013 EBSI were Matrix accredited to deliver Careers Education, Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).
  • EBSI staff have also been awarded the Education Business Excellence Award and were rated the top 25% in the country by the Institute of Education Business Partnerships Networks accreditation.
  • EBSI are Warwick University accredited for our work experience programme and have held this for over 10 years.
  • EBSI is also an OCR accredited centre.
  • In 2010-2011, the team delivered over 54 events purely focused on Enterprise initiatives, of which 20 were during National Enterprise week in November.
  • In 2009 the team were also given recognition by Enterprise UK for their outstanding contribution during National Enterprise week that year.