Apprenticeship Brokerage

Our quality Apprenticeship programmes have been designed for the delivery of a full Apprenticeship Brokerage package. The selection of the full brokerage package or individual programme/s will be dependent on the requirements of FE/HE institution. The Apprenticeship Brokerage package includes programmes 1 and 2 or the Institution may select individual EBSI service programme/s or designed specific sector programmes.

Programme 1

This programme is facilitated by EBSI, which involves the marketing and publicising of the Apprenticeship programme:

This includes:

  • Visits to Education Institutions
  • Advertising at institutions and on the EBSI website
  • Careers Taster Day workshops
  • A selection process of suitable candidates for work experience placements with the employer

Programme 2

The full programme involves EBSI supporting the recruitment, selection and training. Training is delivered on and off-the-job. Off-the-job at the employer’s training premises to complete courses covering the technical certificate and the key skills. Training for the NVQ/Diploma will be planned with the employer and delivered on-the-job.