Matrix Re-accreditation achieved

EBSI (UK) Ltd is pleased to announce that we have once again secured the Matrix accreditation.    This was first achieved in 2013, when we set up our Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) Service and trained over six staff members to be qualified at Level 6.  This is the third cycle of the accreditation, and EBSI is pleased to say, that we have managed to achieve it again.

Our strengths were recorded by the assessor to be “As a small organisation, resources are focused on delivering a high-quality service to clients and therefore some of the systems/formal procedures that may be found in larger organisations would not be expected to be present.  However, the organisation is effective in finding innovative ways, within their capacity, to address needs.  The ‘self-evaluation review’ for staff to reflect upon their performance is a good example, where staff review how they are performing against operational areas, skills and knowledge requirements”.

The organisation is very effective at identifying opportunities/needs/gaps in provision and developing proposals to address the needs.  A recent example is that for the provision of good IAG for students with SEND”.

Our partners gave some very positive feedback and we would like to thank all partners, including students that provided feedback to the assessor.

Partners confirmed EBSI is well-respected and the services are valued.  They spoke of both their knowledge of the local area and their skills in engaging with students.

Comments made to the assessor in face to face or telephone interviews by two schools who use EBSI’s CEIAG Service include the following:

“It is bespoke, it is just about the student” 

“It really works, they are so thorough, I can completely rely on them”

EBSI has also been capturing some feedback from students whom have completed their work experience via online Survey Monkey, and shared this with the assessor:

As a result of work experience, I better understand the skills employers want”.

 “I have developed some new skills that employer’s value”.

“It definitely made me think whether 6th form or college is right for me”.

“They give you a broad view, to give you more options, it makes you think more”.

 “I have a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses”.

“I am clearer about what I want to do in the future in education and career”. 

 “I understand why it is important to work hard at school”.

In another evaluation for a mock interview session, the report confirmed that 81% of students found the experience helpful and said it would help them in any future real interviews.

We now look forward to working on some of our development areas and offering all our partners an exceptional service for the next cycle and working with you all again, whether your a business, school or  a student.

Thank you for all your support.

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