Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

This programme is designed to support Businesses and Education with the alignment of their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). The programme provides practical knowledge and insight into CSR strategies, support priorities, and integrates social responsibility through Business and Education activities.

There are two packages developed and specifically designed for senior executives/managers who direct corporate social responsibility programs or oversee departments such as public affairs, human resources, sustainability, environmental health and safety, or community affairs.

CSR preparation workshop

This half-day workshop activity is delivered by experienced EBSI staff, with inputs from Businesses and/or Educationists. The workshop is designed to develop the understanding of Business and Education CSR links.

CSR Support

EBSI can provide support programmes to embed CSR within the business culture to sustain the strategy over the long term.

Example of EBSI collaboration with CIPR and their members.

In February 2013 EBSI announced its partnership with – Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR). CIPR formulated this partnership with EBSI as they aim to focus an increase awareness of the public relations industry amongst young adults. This partnership with EBSI will enable the CIPR to encourage their members to volunteer in assisting in the delivery of Career workshops, Enterprise programmes, Mock interviews and Career taster days. CIPR is the professional body for public relations practitioners in the UK, with 10,000 members involved in all aspects of PR, it is the largest body of its type in Europe, and EBSI looks forward to working with them, and giving young people access and knowledge about the various careers within the Public relations industry.