Programmes and Services

Working with Business Organisations, Educational Institutions, Local Education Authorities and Agencies, EBSI has designed a range of ”Innovative in Education” high quality programmes and services, which focus on priority areas to meet existing, developing and emerging needs of learners, as well as education, business, national and global market needs.

  • Developing the understanding of the world of work and thereby improving employability
    • Career and Education preparation
    • Career, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance services
    • Enhancing the delivery and planning of Curriculum and education reform
    • Brokerage between business and education
    • Skills development and training of delivery partners
    • New project development and opportunities for the UK and International markets
  • Evaluation of programmes for the Businesses, Educational Institutions, Universities etc.
    • Quality assurance
    • Sharing good practice

EBSI provides individual and group planning services to deliver a range of innovative programmes and services as well as developing new ideas, customised programmes and/or activities that will enrich young people’s and adults’ education in the world of work. EBSI will also offer valuable experiences and beneficial partnerships to Educational Institutions, Government Agencies, Businesses and their employees.

Each EBSI product has been developed in partnership with our extensive network of Businesses, Educational Institutions and other Training Partners. Our knowledge and expertise enables us to provide an extensive range of focused or customised programmes and services through discussion with stakeholders to ensure that products meet the needs of the client.

EBSI Customised Programmes and Activities

EBSI experienced advisors can provide an individual planning service to develop new ideas and customised programmes and/or activities that will enrich learners’ education in the world of work, as well as offering valuable experiences and beneficial partnerships to businesses and their employees.

EBSI Focused Programme and Services

Each programme is designed to be delivered as an individual package or a combination of part / full programme of activities, including support for the curriculum, CEIAG and PLTS where appropriate.

Collaborative Programmes and Services

Our Innovation in Education menu includes collaborative programmes and services working with other private education organisations to provide access to a range of e-learning programmes and services.