Professional Development Placement

Education Business Services International (EBSI) – supporting the development of teachers through placements in industry or business to add context and realism to the classroom experience.

Professional development placements (formerly teacher placements) involve teachers undertaking placements in a business or the world of work, in order to develop themselves personally and/or develop the curriculum and/or the school as an organisation

Ofsted recommends that teachers should have the opportunity to learn more about industry and the requirements of employers.

EBSI arrange for teaching staff (in primary, secondary and special schools) and those involved with advising and guiding young people (learning mentors, teaching assistants, personal advisers and ancillary staff) to spend a day in a company or sector of their choice. This could be in the financial sector, a business environment, leisure and tourism, engineering or the NHS.

Three types of professional development placement

  • A curriculum placement – one that is related to your subject area. For example, a food technology teacher may wish to be placed with a food manufacturer, or a science teacher may find it useful to spend a day in a chemical plant
  • A management placement – spend a day in a company focusing on management techniques, leadership skills, motivation and appraisal systems
  • A personal development placement can be one of your choice. The EBSI will work closely with you and a local business to identify what your objectives are for the day and then negotiate a mutually convenient date and suggest a programme for the day

Group placements

  • Whole school placements – placements can be organised for all the staff in your school on one day. This can be planned for a free INSET day
  • Department placements – placements can be arranged for an individual department within your school

Education Business Services International offer

  • to establish initial contact and arrangements with the business or organisation
  • to monitor placements
  • support in reviewing the placement

The application planning form (word) is available to download. Contact us to find out more.